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Nob Hill is a middle to upper-class neighborhood and home to many young urban professionals. It is situated in between Russian Hill (to the north) and the Tenderloin (to the south). The district is split between hilly residential blocks that saturate many of the side streets and commercial areas which cluster around Polk Street and Van Ness. The residential neighborhood is made up of three to four story Victorian style apartment buildings. Many of these upscale residents’ are home to trendy post graduates and young families. The commercial district is mainly situated on Van Ness, offering big brand name stores, car dealerships and mattress outlets.

Nob Hill is also known for its lively nightlife. On weekends, Polk Street is usually densely populated with recent college graduates and offers plenty of dive bars, cocktail lounges, clubs and sports taverns. In many ways, its reminiscent of the downtown college life the avid customers are so used to. During the day, many locals like buzzing around the corner coffee shops, upscale boutiques, chic restaurants and neighborhood bookstores. Moreover, the commercial streets are always bustling with window shoppers and people stuffing their faces on restaurant patios.

For visitors, transportation rides up and down most roads. On weekdays, line 1 is full of young urban professionals commuting down to San Francisco’s financial district. While the 12 runs east and west. If you’re in between buses, taxis drive through the neighborhood all the time. Also, the cable car chimes through Nob Hill and up and down Hyde Street. Parking is almost impossible to come by unless it’s during the late morning or early afternoon.


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