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South of Market

Industrial and chic

South of Market is an interesting neighborhood with a very urban feeling. Once an area primarily zoned for commercial use, South of Market is now mixed-use and several old warehouses and office spaces have been converted into lofts and apartments with all of the modern conveniences. On South of Market’s smaller side streets, such as Minna, there are a number of Victorian flats and modern condos. Both rents and home prices tend to be more affordable than in other neighborhoods, however, the views can be industrial or drab. Also, many places surrounded by larger commercial buildings do not get very good light. However, for those willing to hunt for treasure, some very unusual gems can be found in South of Market.

South of Market is right next door to Downtown and several major public transit routes pass directly through the neighborhood. Parking can be decent during evenings and weekends, but most street parking is metered during weekday hours. There are several parking lots in the area that offer early bird and monthly discount fares.

For the most part, South of Market is a relatively safe neighborhood. Its streets are not always pleasant or charming, but they are well lit, and busy. As South of Market nears the center of Downtown, there is a wonderful area called Yerba Buena Gardens that is home to the San Francisco Modern Museum of Art, Contemporary Jewish Museum, Museum of the African Diaspora and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. The Sony Metreon and Moscone Convention Center are also located in this area.

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